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    Makeup is not a miracle, the skin needs to be well taken care of so that the end result looks beautiful. Great products help, but beauty starts with healthy skin.

    A good routine skin care, is extremely important for maintaining beautiful skin. The skin basically needs cleansing, hydration and protection on a daily basis.

    In addition to the lack of care for the health of the skin, some makeup errors can cause the effect of cracked makeup.

    If you’ve made it this far, you probably already know what cracking is, that cracking effect on your skin and you want to fix it. So check now the sequence of errors in makeup and skin preparation that compromise the smooth and beautiful effect of the skin.

    Foundation not sticking vs. cracking

    There is a big difference between not sticking foundation and cracking.

    The makeup not sticking, due to the large amount of oil in the skin under hers. The cracked makeup, on the other hand , is due to the thick product layer and dryness of the skin.

    With these two pieces of information, it is easier to solve these two villains of make. But then, what to do so that the base does not get cracked?

    Clean the skin

    The secret of beautiful skin and a good finish on makeup is achieved by cleaning the skin. Makeup residues, air dirt and even natural oiliness, compromise the makeup result.

    The skin must be properly cleaned before and especially after make-up, so it is possible to maintain beautiful, healthy and makeup skin at all times.


    The most important step for a smooth skin with makeup, is the moisturizer. Both oily and dry skins need hydration, each with the most suitable product type.

    It is very important that the right moisturizer is used for each skin type, otherwise the base may open or crack.

    Oily skins need hydration in the same way as mixed, normal and dry skin, but with less dense products. Leaving the skin without moisturizer (because it is oily) and applying the base directly to it, can cause the dreaded rebound effect, where the skin starts to produce much more oil to compensate for the loss.

    Skins with frown lines

    Creamy, high-coverage bases tend to crack much more than liquids in this case. Therefore, when applying the base, use little product and preferably diluted. That way, the foundation will create a thinner layer and settle more easily on the skin.

    When buying, always opt for more fluid and liquid bases. The thicker the layer of products on the skin with fine lines, the more likely it is to crack and mark the lines.

    Loose powder

    The loose powder is much finer compared to the compact and because it creates a thinner layer on the skin, the chances of cracking are greatly reduced.

    Especially in mature skin, which is usually more dry, the loose powder helps not to overload. And if you want more tips on mature skin,


    Skin care is everything. A well hydrated skin without sun drying provides a beautiful effect that everyone wants at the end of the makeup.

    In addition to moisturizing creams and the intake of plenty of fluids, the sunscreen prevents the skin from becoming dry and reddish, not to mention the health benefits of the skin, let alone passing, it is the largest organ in the human body.

    Cracked concealer

    In addition to cracking skin based, the same can occur with concealers.

    One region that deserves care is the skin below the eyes. Concealers for dark circles, concealers are used, which, due to their proposal for greater coverage, are also thicker.

    To avoid cracked skin under the eyes , the ideal is to moisturize, apply a moisturizing primer, dosing the amount of concealer (preferably diluted) and sealing with the finest powder possible and in a small amount.


    The solution of a cracked makeup , is briefly a sequence of care and makeup techniques. The next time you do your makeup, use the anti cracking checklist I prepared for you:

    •  Drink plenty of water;
    • Use sunscreen every day;
    • Clean the skin before applying makeup;
    • Use the correct moisturizer;
    • Always apply the primer;
    • Use the ideal foundation for each skin type;
    • Create thin layers of products on the skin;
    • Seal with the finest possible powder;
    • Remove makeup correctly;
    • Moisturize the skin on your face and lips the night before the event.

    Cracked makeup: how to correct?

    After cracking, correcting and obtaining a perfect effect is practically impossible, especially after the sealed skin. The powder does not behave well with more products on top of it. But there are some tricks that can be used as a last resort to cover up this little problem.

    A possible solution is to apply a super, hyper layer of moisturizing mist over the entire skin until it moistens the entire face and waits to dry. This will make all the products applied, both creamy and powdered, hydrated and the skin will gain vigor and glow.

    In areas where the base is showing a lot of cracking, take care in the mist and with a wet sponge give light touches with a small amount of base, but this time super diluted, this will make the open spaces less visible.


    As we can see, cracked makeup is the result of very dry skin, lack of hydration, wrong choice of products among other factors.

    As a makeup artist, it is very important not to create this problem for clients, because at events, she may not know how to solve it herself or not have the right products for it.

    So, take advantage of the tips in this post and train a lot, after all, perfect makeup needs a well-groomed skin.

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